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Mon Mar 22 18:58:56 2021 [Jaakan]
Please join us in congratulating Morkarn for his promotion to Archwizard.
He has been instrumental in testing new content, and is a neverending source
of bug reports! We're happy to have him on the powers team!

Sun Dec 29 15:15:28 2019 [Jaakan]
Summary of the changes to the MUD:
- Several new achievements have been added.
- Quests Abyss, UndeadKing, Faffner, Spike, Firedemon, Fjord and Warm have been
- Several modifications have been made to the zonefile format to give more
flexibility to zonewriters.
- With the new quests, the requirements for reaching wizardhood have changed.
Wizard is now achieved at 50 quest points and 400,000 points Ultrawizard is
now 100 quest points, Metawizard 150, and finally Masterwizard at 227.
- The magic system has had a total overhaul, with new commands SCI, SDI, SCG,
SDG, and SLOTS added to assist magic users.
- Mobiles can now carry a specific object that can be looted from them instead
of a random one.
- Mobiles can also have an object to be discovered when you butcher them.
- You can now decide if you want the class reviews or your own user defined
ones to show while you are mortal with STICKYREVIEW.
- Shop items can no longer be sold.
- It is now possible to refer to CARRIED as a class, so DROP CARRIED will drop
only things that are not worn or wielded.
- AUTOEQ has had an update and now works for Cavetrolls and Wisps, it will
also now pick up a boat, a portapit, and a moneybag as available.
- VTOUCH will no longer work on undead mobiles.
- You can also refer to MEQ as a class, so TAKE MEQ will collect only items
with mana capacity.
- Adept.zone has had a minor update, as has Gold.zone.
- The MUD now measures the number of consecutive days you have logged on and
there is a new TOP board, TOP STREAK.
- Deathrooms can be switched on and off on a zone-by-zone or quest-by-quest
basis. Expect newer quests/zones to have their deathrooms ON. New command
DSTATUS will show which are ON/OFF.
- Class/Race equipment can now use PUT, eg. PUT ELFEQ IN BAG.
- The IMBUE spell has been added.
- INFO QLEVELS, CRM and QINFO have been cross-checked and are now consistent.

Please also join us in congratulating Morkarn in his promotion to Prophet, in
recognition of the invaluable assistance in beta testing the new material.

Wed Dec 25 14:18:56 2019 [Jaakan]
The silly season is upon us, the powers all hope you have the festive season
that you deserve. Thalia suggested we have a competition to run over the
season, but Jaakan is currently working like a trojan (ie. sitting around and
doing nothing, staring at a wooden horse) to try and get the fabled reboot up
and running as soon as he can. There will be no further new content added
until this is done. Further details about the precise nature of the update
will follow, but Jaakan hopes to be done over the festive holidays. Our
competition will run after this, we are open to suggestions as to prizes...
our current ideas are: a special achievement, a quest flag for a quest that
you can't/don't want to finish, a special weapon, a larger allowance of
fashioned objects. Fun!

Tue Jan 29 10:39:34 2019 [Athagos]
A squashed bug here, another squashed bug there. I really don't like bugs.
Unfortunately one of these was the log file which bugs, typos and ideas was
not working properly. Therefore anything you've reported since Sunday
morning 00:00 game time was not stored in the log. If you can remember
them, please relog them. If you aren't sure if it was this week or last
week, relog anyway and we can sort through them.

This issue has been corrected and shouldn't happen again.


Sun Jan 13 03:29:38 2019 [Jaakan]
Summary of the changes to the MUD:
The regeneration code has been completely overhauled.

Selected mobiles are now able to cast multiple target spells like tornado.

More mana objects have been added to benefit spell casters, especially wisps.

A brand-new object creation system has been added, which can be used at the
Creation Station. Your bank balance will never be the same again!

Several modifications have been made to the zonefile format to give more
flexibility to zonewriters.

Several new achievements have been added.

The races and classes have now been fully separated, you can now try different
combos like dwarf warrior, elf mage, demon monk, etc.

A new structure near the Temple of Fate is called the Anthropic Lodge and is
the place where you can change race as required.

Darkelf, Halfling, Orc, and Human are now distinct races, each with their own
race quests.

The Discipline quest by Aso has been added.

Monk has been added as a class, again, with its own armour quest.

Many minor alterations have been made to zonefiles.

Intro, Talon, Apollo, Krull, and Mana have been overhauled

The CRM command has been added to show levels required for the different
race/class combos.

The attribute system has been overhauled to take account of the new class/race

The class quest for shamen is now Shaman. Lumina's quest is now called Mabro.
With the extra quests, the requirements for reaching wizardhood have changed.
Wizard is now achieved at 50 quest points and 400,000 points.
Ultrawizard is now 100 quest points,
Metawizard 150,
and finally Master wizard at 209.

An overhaul of the SCORE command.

A new spell has been created for wisps.

PROMPT DEFAULT will now return your prompt to standard, PROMPT on its own will
show you your current setting

You can now automatically loot your opponents by setting AUTOLOOT on or off. Your current setting is shown in OPTIONS

Mobiles now react to being INSULTed.

Monthly kill records will now be automatically stored in INFO MONTHKILLS.

Websockets - We will be able to add a page on to our website so that players
who have a HTML5 capable browser can connect and play without the need to
install any application or plugin. Also works on modern mobile phones.
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